On 11 and 12 November 2014, a new specialized denim trade show will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The Bangladesh Denim Expo is an international denim trade show happening at the Radisson Blu Water Hotel. “The aim of the expo is to showcase Bangladeshi denim brands to the global market and to make Bangladesh a single sourcing platform for denim,” commented Mostafiz Uddin, managing director of Denim Expert Limited, a non-profit organization which organizes the new show. “This initiative would create a platform for Bangladeshi denim makers, and help them yield greater brand value in the global market.”

The show expects to host about 50 exhibitors for its first edition including companies such as Archroma, Absolute Denim, Soorty, Kassim Denim, YKK, Garmon and local denim brands.
The show’s organization expects visitors and insiders from most important denim specialized countries in this market including Italy, Turkey, Japan, Pakistan and India, among others. It expects to take place twice a year.

Modern aspects of the denim industry including future megatrends, health, safety, sustainability and education matters will be discussed during lectures and conferences held within the exhibition.

Mostafiz Uddin started working in the denim industry in 1999 for a buying office, then established the Denim Expert factory, a Bangladesh-Netherlands joint venture operating in the Chittagong-based Karnaphuli export processing zone.

In the past Uddin has also matured experiences in the design and laundry fields and created his own brand BlueXonly, which is sold in Europe. “My personal drive is to make a difference for my industry, but equally for my country,” he commented. “I want to be the agent of change who, together with friends and colleagues in the denim world, sets a new scene for how international buyers and brands see Bangladesh in the future.”

At present, there are 25 denim fabric manufacturers in Bangladesh, who meet about 40 percent of the domestic demand. The remaining 60 percent are imported. Bangladesh earns around US$ 600 million per annum from denim exports to the global market.

Bangladesh is currently the second-largest country which exports denim to Europe and third largest in exports to the US. According to estimates 5,600 factories export 200 million pieces of denim from Bangladesh to 120 countries.