Band of Outsiders has opened its first monobrand brand store. The Los Angeles-based brand, headed by founder and creative director Scott Sternberg, recently debuted its 164-sq.-meter (1,768-sq.-foot) store on the ground floor of a new building in Tokyo, Japan. The shop, which has a showroom and offices on the upper two floors of the three-story structure, is in the Sendagaya neighborhood. It is operated by the brand’s Japanese distribution partner, Sazaby League.

“Tokyo has been an incredibly strong market for the brand since we started, so it made total sense to open our first store here and use it as the model for future stores to come,” Sternberg says.

Design studio LOT-EK worked with Band of Outsiders to create the space, which includes an exterior covered with a printable and interchangeable mesh fabric and an interior with a huge metal centerpiece (nicknamed “The Monster”) with 28 arms that anchor every in-store fixture from display cases to fitting rooms.

"We wanted to create an environment that felt totally fresh, that didn't reference any of the codes or vocabulary that have become so prevalent in retail," Sternberg says. “Most importantly, I wanted the store to be modular, moveable and to stay alive.”

The shop carries the brand’s complete men’s and women’s collections along with exclusives such as shoes made in collaboration with Vans Japan or Rancourt and Co.