Casted busts may not be the first thing you’d associate with Lifetime Clothing, but for the prolific streetwear brand out of Vancouver, it’s been one novel way to raise money and awareness for breast cancer and an eyebrow or two. Entitled “Breast Friends 4 Life,” the project unites the brand with young artists and Lifetime’s shops. Lifetime Collective members were given an opportunity to design their own breast cast; the finished casts then became centerpieces for the launch of Lifetime Clothing’s S/S collection and are now featured in the brand’s major retailers including Noise (Toronto), Double Dutch (Baltimore), Untitled (Chicago), Una Mae (Chicago), Evo Gear (Seattle) and Villains (San Francisco). All casts will eventually return to Canada in October for a final showing in Ottawa’s NORML boutique. During this time, all the casts will also be online and available for auction through Lifetime Clothing and Keep A Breast's websites. The auction will be open for 10 days, with all proceeds going to KAB.