Marian Kaeding has been appointed as new European Marketing Director for Burton Europe overseeing all European marketing aspects for the Burton, Red & Anon brands. Kaeding who will report to Burton Europe's General Manager Hermann Kapferer, officially started his new position in August and is based at the Burton Europe headquarter in Innsbruck.

Previously, Kaeding had been Marketing and Sales Director for Forum, Special Blend and Foursquare at Burton Sportartikel GmbH for five years when the brands were merged with Burton Corp. During that time he was very successful in building the brands to become major players within the industry.

Hermann Kapferer, General Manager Burton Europe, said: “Marian’s excellent skills, his experience in our industry both in marketing and sales and his passion and dedication make him the perfect candidate for this position. I am convinced he is the right person to lead the brands and his crew of people to take the right path in the future.”

Marian Kaeding himself added: “It’s very exciting to be part of the most influencing company in snowboarding with such a heritage and I am thrilled to work with a great marketing crew and we will take Burton, Red & Anon to the next level.”