A new instalment of Bright Tradeshow for the streetwear, skateboarding, sneaker and fashion segments has been set for Jul. 11-12.

As in previous years, the location of the show will be at Frankfurt am Main’s former police headquarters. However, for the first time the summer event will be held on two days instead of the usual three, making it the same length as its winter counterpart.

Trade show manager Thomas Martini explains: “We had been talking about this a long time and there were arguments in favor of both solutions. We have noticed that all in all the results are the same in the end. We don't get more visitors if the tradeshow lasts longer.”

By shortening the event to two days, Bright now features a powerful and compact tradeshow on a single weekend. At the same time this solution also reduces costs for everyone involved. Bright takes place a good week and a half after Bread & butter, though that event's return to Germany had little effect on the number of Bright exhibitors. There will be a total of 300 collections at the gathering. Regularly returning exhibitors include Vans and Carhartt, though some exhibitors such as K-Swiss are no longer taking part because they have a European event in Berlin.

“All the same, we have completely new exhibitors signed up such as Wood Wood. And familiar regulars will be back, such as Nikita,” adds Martini.

Familiar skateboard contests and campaign exhibits remain fixtures of this fashion event. Bright Magazine will also be back, albeit without the assistance of Code and under its own editorial management.

—Melanie Gropler