The seventh edition of Bright Tradeshow took place once again at Ehemaliges Polizeipräsidium in Frankfurt/Main from July 11-13. The fair, which focuses on board sports, sneakers, fashion, denim and streetwear, was able to top its 2008 winter show. Not only did it see an increase in the total number of exhibitors to 290 brands, but visitors’ numbers also rose from 3,750 in January to 4,147.

The number of international visitors also grew by about 20 % as organizer Marco Aslim had anticipated. “The fair was attended by more people from abroad, in particular the numbers of visitors from the US increased as well as from all over Europe.”

The goal is now to make Bright more international. Organizers Thomas Martini and Marco Aslim and their team are boosting manpower as well as marketing efforts on a national and international level to intensify the global importance of the Bright Tradeshow, which features onsite events such as open-air skateboarding contests and even exhibits by Untitled and Titus Skateboarding.

The next show will run January 24-25, 2009.