Headed for Berlin: After ten installments of the event in Frankfurt/Main, the Bright trade show will be held its premiere in the German capital from July 8–10. The new home base for skateboarding, streetwear and sneakers is the former headquarters of GDR's secret police organization, the Stasi, in the Lichtenberg neighborhood of Berlin. Now, four weeks before the show kicks off, the event is nearly booked out.

There will be approximately 250 brands on display, including Converse, Carhartt, Quiksilver, Stüssy, Element, Volcolm and Nikita spread across three levels with total space of 12,000 square meters (nearly 130,000 square feet). There will be roughly the same number of exhibitors on hand as in Frankfurt. The reason for relocating was never to increase the size, explains event organizer Marco Aslim. “We knew that by moving we would see brands choose to go to Bread & butter instead. However, we are able to offset these losses by having more international exhibition space to offer to major brands.”

At the earliest, offering more exhibition space will only happen next summer. At the same time, though, there will be a full program of action and art this summer already. This includes a skate park being set up in front of the building with an international line-up and a specially designed art area for artwork by Lamano, 2Sickbastards, Adam Sello and Fauxami. The trade show’s own cinema will be offering premieres and movies by companies like Stüssy, Element and Quiksilver.