Karl-Heinz Müller, managing director of the Berlin-based jeans and streetwear show Bread & butter, has confirmed the rumor that has been spreading around Germany for the past two months. "Yes, we want to expand with Bread & butter to other European cities," he told Sportswear International. "But the main show will stay in Berlin."

Müller compares his new idea to the Olympic Games. Each season Bread & butter will move to another "cool" European city for a single event. The first of these will be in Barcelona, Spain, in summer 2005. Future destinations may be Rome, Dublin or Lisbon, he said.

The international event is meant to be a kick-off for the industry and will take place around early or mid-July. Although the exact dates are not yet confirmed, Müller said the Barcelona show will probably happen about two weeks before Bread & butter in Berlin. "In the foreign cities the event is supposed to be more of an image tool for the companies to present their collections whereas I want the Berlin show to become more businesslike," he added.

Müller has already started shopping the international show concept to some of his current exhibitors. "The response so far is quite positive," he said, and added that he is sure that almost all the companies will take part in the tour.

Although Müller is aware that some brands and buyers may opt to attend just one of the two shows, he said the expansion plan is to establish a true international concept. "I don’t think of regional fairs to promote especially Spanish or Irish labels. At the same time, Berlin will become a little less international because international buyers might not visit both events."

He added that one of the reasons for taking Bread & butter on the road is limited space capacity in Berlin. "We do not have the possibility to provide greater spaces for some of the companies," he explained.

In addition, he thinks the concept will foster creativity in the industry. "We tend to become too static. But fashion is movement and change. I want to mix everything up again," he said.

He’s also concerned about the current development in Berlin with so many other fashion-based fairs and events popping up there. "Everyone who comes here for any other fashion fair wants to visit Bread & butter as well," he said. "But we are not a zoo where anyone can come and stare."

– Sabine Kühnl, German Bureau Chief