Bread & butter made it official today that it is moving back to Berlin and leaving its three year-long base in Barcelona.

The show will continue to run from Jul. 1-3 as previously scheduled and the location will be Tempelhof Airport, which shut down service last year and currently offers several hangars and halls and parts of runways as space for potential exhibitors.

Bread & butter Managing Director Karl-Heinz Müller confirmed that the trade show’s engagement with Berlin would be long-lasting: “The rental contract we signed runs ten years,” he said.

As one reason for moving, Müller stated it is two years since he had the idea of Tempelhof in his head and feels that with Bread & butter back in Berlin “two things get together that belong together.”

Müller added: “Germany is still the most important fashion market in Europe, and as a city for our fashion segment there is no alternative to Berlin. Many people from the industry were wishing for Berlin as a show platform again.”

In its first show back in the German capital BBB will use a space of approximately 60,000 sq. meters that could provide room for about 800 to 900 exhibitors. No brands were mentioned yet, but Müller is keen to stick to his “selective portfolio” in the urban, street and denim sector.

“We will certainly reach the same level as in Barcelona also in terms of visitors,” said Müller, who expects at least 80,000 guests in Tempelhof in July and especially a lot of visitors from abroad, particularly the US, for which Tempelhof (“Berliner Luftbrücke”) remains historically significant.

As to the question of working in tandem with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, now in progress, and the new luxury trade show Premium, Müller said: “It is obvious that all forces need to be tied up together, especially in terms of finding the right dates. But apart from that, we run our own business and there is surely competition. In the end, the exhibitors will decide where to show.”