German online shopping club brands4friends is celebrating its 4th anniversary. On this occasion, the Berlin-based company presented a completely new look and relaunch for its corporate design and web shop at its 6000sqm headquarter space in the city center. A new logo, new typo, better product presentations and an optimized shop usability to ease navigation and orientation, are only some of the improvements the company talked about.

In addition, Dr. Stephan Zoll, CEO of brands4friends and previous Managing Director of Ebay, presented new distribution channels provided by the company’s acquisition by Ebay in January of this year – taking a step outside its private shopping club. From now on, the platform – currently counting more than 1,200 brands and distribution partners, offers new sales potential reaching new target groups on Ebay’s marketplace via different multichannel sales options.

Titled ‘Brand Loft’, brands4friends becomes partner of Ebay’s high-quality ‘Fashion Exclusives’ special format and extends its model on Ebay’s marketplace. Furthermore, brands4friends offers all partners within the ‘Deals Program’ to sell a bigger amount of items on Ebay’s marketplace - meaning, that manufacturers and distribution partners are able to sell their products in fix-term activities, for example using the format of ‘Wow! Offers’. By also partnering with Ebay’s fashion outlets, the outlet of brands4friends appears as a separate shop on Ebay’s marketplace to offer regular as well as discounted items.

“Not only our members benefit from the new distribution channels, the refinement of our web shop with its optimized product presentation and high usability, but also the brands themselves,” Dr. Stephan Zoll commented. “Based on our experience in the last years, we today consider brands4friends as a powerful, medium-sized company, providing the ideal online channel of distribution for high-quality brands.“

Germany’s largest online shopping club brands4friends sells high-quality goods from renowned fashion and lifestyle brands at significantly reduced prices to members through limited special offers on a daily basis. Founded in 2007, brands4friends has approximately 4 million members, and offers a wide variety of campaigns with currently more than 1,200 top manufacturers and distribution partners.
Dr. Stephan Zoll, CEO of brands4friends
Dr. Stephan Zoll, CEO of brands4friends