Germany’s leading online shopping club Brands4Friends is pushing forward its international expansion and stepping into the British market. The Berlin-based company is on board with the British online shopping club in the hopes of tapping one of the world’s strongest e-commerce markets.

“After checking different options, it became clear that SecretSales was our top choice,” said Christian Heitmeyer, CEO and founder of Brands4Friends. “With entry into one of the largest and most important e-commerce markets in Europe and a significant share in, we expect enormous growth,” he added.

The company also wants to profit from sharing resources such as sourcing and sales and by focusing on cost-effective marketing of its top brands. The brand and product portfolio of Brands4Friends will also be widened so customers can have a broader choice of brands.

Following last year’s entry into Austria, the current expansion into the British market is an important one for Brands4Friends. The company, which launched in September 2007, has now over 2.5 million registered users and over 400 different brands are offered at up to 70% below their regular retail price.

—Susannah Carey