Focusing on s/s 2009 fabric collections, the recent edition of Munich Fabric Start (held February 6 to 8 in Munich) has just closed its doors ( The fair hosted 731 exhibitors and registered about a 14% increase in visitors (14,200 people compared to the 12,500 of February 2007). The general mood of the event was positive and lively. The fair’s management has also announced that come 2009 the fair might change its location because of the significant increase of visitors and exhibitors registered during recent editions.

In contrast, a slightly different atmosphere pervaded the Blue Zone pavilion (pictured above), the area dedicated to denim manufacturers and finishers. Approximately 70 exhibitors showed there, compared to more than 40 in 2006. The Zenith Halle, where the denim section was held, was quite busy with visitors and not just local ones, but also insiders from international brands such as Diesel, Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger. However, its mood was somehow quieter than that at its past editions. According to some exhibitors and visitors, the launch of the new Denim by Premiere Vision trade show may have had something to do with this, as it set the bar with denim trends for s/s 2009, perhaps keeping visitors in Paris and away from Munich’s Blue Zone. Despite this, Sebastian Klinder, organizer of MFS’s Blue Zone, feels confident about Munich Fabric Start’s fair event continuing to be a great attraction for jeans insiders.

“I think what Premiere Vision has organized is an exact copy of our Blue Zone fair,” said Klinder. “Despite this, I’m sure they will have a great success because of their strong power both as a fair and organization. Though I think they will soon have a big problem with their main fair Premiere Vision since they will soon lose the complete segment of denim exhibitors.”

By Maria Cristina Pavarini | senior features editor