Austrian snow- and streetwear retailer Blue Tomato has opened its first shop in Vienna. On a space of 1000 sqm and three floors, it offers snow- and surfboards, apparel, shoes and accessories from brands like Burton, Volcom and Billabong. “To gather our target audience around snowboard, skateboard and surf, we attached high importance to the design with chill areas and info terminals,” says Store Manager Tillmann Ruprecht. Like all of the 20 employees of the store, he is from the boarder scene as well, in order to transport their lifestyle to the customer.

Blue Tomato has invested over € 2 Million in the store. On the opening day, there was a big party with discount offers, a lottery, welcome drinks and DJ sessions. Later on, the celebration was continued at WuK, a night club in Vienna, with live acts such as Trouble Andrew and I shine, as well as the DJ sets Up Wax Wrenchaz and Pirates Discotheque.