Dutch premium jeans brand Blue Blood (bluebloodbrand.com) has bought back the shares it sold to Italy’s Jam Session Group in 2005. The partnership between Blue Blood and Jam Session seemed to be a bit ill-fated: “You could not exactly say it was a match made in heaven - put it down to cultural differences,” says Blue Blood CEO Steve te Pas.

In 2005 te Pas and Jason Denham, founders of the Dutch brand, sold off 52% of the Blue Blood shares to Jam Session, the Parma-based fashion holding and owner of the fashion brand Guru. The main aim of the partnership was to develop a sales network in Southern Europe with Jam Session’s management experience.

Blue Blood’s current shareholders are now Moshi Moshi (Steve te Pas) and Denham Holding (Jason Denham), who have ambitious plans for the future. “I want Blue Blood to become the Ralph Lauren of the new luxury denim,” explains te Pas.

He adds that the next steps are to open new stores: the Blue Blood Boutique just for girls and the Dry Goods Laundromat, which should attract hardcore denim fans, both in Amsterdam. But there are also new retail plans worldwide: in Japan the brand wants to open two stores in cooperation with its Japanese distributor and develop the Asian market via a franchise formula. In addition, the existing sales market in the US, Portugal and Turkey are going to be expanded with new teams.

Blue Blood will present its s/s 2008 collection at Bread & Butter, Modefabriek, A-Fair and D&A and at a show on July 28 during Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

- Barbara Stockinger, Contributing Editor