While the weather outside was frightful, inside the show was slow, but still delightful during the 3-day run of ENK International's THECOLLECTIVE. The menswear trade show went on January 23 - 25 at Pier 94 in Manhattan despite a major blizzard that hit the east coast only days earlier, causing hundreds of flight delays and cancellations, as well as road closures all around the tri-state area. Overall attendance topped off at 6500, down from last year's 7500, according to show organizers who remained optimistic. "All in all everyone had a great show," said Coleman McCartan, THECOLLECTIVE's public relations representative. "Monday and Tuesday made up for a slow Sunday."

Those who were able to make it shopped the show's 400 or so autumn/winter '05/'06 collections from contemporary, better, bridge and designer labels including H Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Quiksilver, Report Collection and Nicole Miller Mens. The show also a number of first time and rejoining exhibitors including Ben Sherman, Cacharel Le, Laundry Men's, and QI Cashmere.

Italy was well represented thanks to the "Made In Italy" area, which featured approximately 45 Italian brands that included Italo Ferretti, Ravazzolo, Piacenza Cashmere and Umberto Bilancioni.

The Section, an area designated to upscale hipster brands such as Robert Graham, Perry Ellis, Theory, Sean John Collection and DKNY saw a new addition to its aisles: The Exchange Program. Established as an effort to cross-promote American and Japanese fashion, The Exchange Program showcased two Japanese apparel companies from Tokyo's International Fashion Fair and was sponsored by THECOLLECTIVE. This seasons honorable and ultra-cool brands were Mon Tsuki and Obelisk.