Birgitt Gebauer, who has been leading the operations of German fashion brand s.Oliver as General Manager for less than nine months, has unexpectedly stepped back from her position as emerged yesterday.
When joining the company in September 2011, Gebauer was at first responsible for the brand’s product, marketing and sourcing departments. Since January 2012, she presided over the management board and started the strategic and organisational redirection of the company as General Manager.

Gebauer will initially continue to work for s.Oliver in a consulting position. Her duties will interim be taken over by company owner Bernd Freier until a successor is found.
Starting from September, the management board will thus consist of the following members: owner Bernd Freier, Thomas Steinhart, Henry Taubald and Mathias Eckert.
As announced in a company statement, the s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH plans to reorganize its managment in line with the started corporate restructuring process. No decalarations about concrete structures or personal fillings have been made yet.

Previous to her work for s.Oliver, Birgitt Gebauer has long years been working in different responsible postions at retail chain C&A.