Bread & butter GmbH is cancelling its January 2007 Berlin edition. The show was originally scheduled to run January 26-28, 2007.

“By focusing on one strong event, the industry and trade can have clarity,” explained Karl-Heinz Müller, president of Bread & butter GmbH, of the decision. “BBBarcelona has become accepted as the leading platform for the young and contemporary market segments. This step will generate even more potential. We expect a growing number of exhibitors and visitors in Barcelona because now a clear decision for one event can be made.”

“We are just reacting to how our customers feel,” added B&b’s Danielle de Bie. “Obviously, the city of Berlin isn’t that attractive to them anymore and it seems like many didn’t understand the different concepts of the two shows. Maybe there will be another chance for Berlin again in future seasons.”

Registration for BBBerlin January has fallen short of expectations, with the company reporting the January edition as 25% full. As a result, Bread & butter GbmH was no longer in a position to guarantee a high-quality event to attendees.

“This is a big opportunity for us,” explained Anita Bachelin of Premium Exhibitions Berlin, a competitor of BBBerlin. “There are already many former Bread & butter key exhibitors who are interested in taking part at the Premium event next January. Of course, we will try to fill in labels, especially from the luxury sportswear segment, that fit perfectly with our concept.”

“Karl-Heinz has tried very hard to expand his profile, but his key competence clearly remains the jeans business. In fact, he will have difficulties in the next four seasons, when denim won’t be a big theme except for skinny jeans,” Bachelin added.

In the meantime, Bread & butter GmbH will go ahead with its Barcelona edition scheduled for January 17-19. That show is already 80% filled to capacity. While B&B will retain its headquarters in Berlin, the organization has yet to announce how it will proceed with the exhibition space in the future.

- KL