The denim-sourcing platform set for the upcoming Bread & Butter ( has been put back to the summer edition, which takes place in July 2008.

The special denim focused arena, entitled The Source. will act as a go-to for weavers, laundries and finishers. However, at the upcoming show 16-18 January, the organizers will present a scaled down version that will be situated in Hall 6. Additionally there will be an appendix to this hall showing sourcing exhibitors Interwashing Group, Berto, Tessilgraf and Mion.

Eventually, the new concept will mirror other similar European denim shows, such as the just launched Denim by Premiere Vision, Paris, and Denim Expo, Rimini, which commences January ‘08. Not to be forgotten are initiators of the concept, The Munich Fabric Start, and the company’s Bluezone denim fair which launched September, 2004.