The best graphic tees always tell a kickass story. Cue Bambu Apparel. A collaboration between MerchDirect, the branding and merchandising company in the music and entertainment industry that designs and produces items such as T-shirts, bags, hats, stickers and posters, and Sarah Saiger, whose family owns the rights to the Bambu brand, the line plays tribute to the Spanish company, which began manufacturing paper for Bibles in 1764. It later shifted production to fine cigarette rolling paper, eventually spawning “The World's Finest Rolling Papers,” known for their tobacco-enhancing properties. "We spent years searching eBay and other websites collecting old postcards, advertisements and other Bambu products. With the help of MerchDirect we've translated our history into a tangible, wearable product that we feel embodies our company," said Saiger, whose newest collection entitled "Gloria De Espana" is inspired by the people of Alcoy and their livelihood. Colors range from muted pinks, yellows, creams and blues pulled from the landscape contrasted with red, green and gold accents taken from Matador outfits, but the main draw, no doubt, is the rarely seen artwork, sweetly revisited on soft, vintage-inspired tees two centuries later. Some of the snappiest illustrations, we think, include the flapper smoking under the Bambu logo with “Papel de Fumar” written below, or the simple, oversized white crown set on a black background, hinting at the brand’s long reign in the rolling paper industry. As Saiger puts it, “Throughout the line there is a feeling of heritage and community which is the legs that Bambu stands on.” Look for Bambu Apparel at Nordstrom stores across the US and on

—Tim Yap