Historical US casualwear brand Avirex launched its new limited edition collaboration with motorcycle brand Triumph.

Two icons - the Bonneville T100 Triumph motorbike and the Avirex G1 Leather Jacket, are the protagonists of this new Limited Edition of ten motorbikes and ten leather jackets personalized by authentic style WW2 aviators’ patches.

Triumph has enriched this Limited Edition motorbike with original details such as camouflage paint, retro handles and its saddle made with the same leather material as for the Avirex jackets.

The ten original patches decorating the jackets worn by US aviation - the same ones that were stitched on Tom Cruise’s jackets in “Top Gun” - are the starting point for this collaboration. Tigers, pin-ups, eagles and horses become the decorative leitmotiv of the 10 motorbikes and the 10 military leather jackets.

From Saturday 17 May, the motorbikes and the jackets will be presented in the Avirex Stores of Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Verona and Bologna.