Last night (Friday, June 20), the central warehouse of online fashion retailer Asos caught fire. No information on the cause or the extend of the damage has been revealed but a statement on the Asos Facebook page said there was “severe damage” but that fortunately, no one was injured. The company cannot accept any further orders and the website was shut down until further notice.

The location in Barnsley, UK, is Asos’ only warehouse; all of their goods are shipped from there to more than 230 countries worldwide. Is has the size of six football grounds.
Also the smoke that developed from the fire might have rendered heaps of Asos merchandise unusable.

On the Asos Facebook page, many customers raised questions regarding their placed orders or returns. “What about returns? I hope I don’t have to pay for the goods that I have send back but might be burned now and unidentifiable”, said one user.