On Friday, 19 September, 2014, maritime-inspired casual fashion brand Arqueonautas opened its first flagship store in Basel, Switzerland. Located in the shopping center “Stücki”, the brand presents the new Arqueonautas store concept on a sales area of 107 sqm.

Stephan Fluri, CEO of Cést GmbH: “The concept of Arqueonautas offers more than fashion. It stands for a casual lifestyle and upscale materials (…), a collection with fair European prices and high level consulting – with this concept we’re unique in Switzerland.”

With the launch of the store in Basel, Arqueonautas continues its international expansion.

“The store is an important step for our entry into the Swiss market and a milestone in the expansion of our international business. More Arqueonautas stores in other European countries and also in the Middle East are planned later this year,” states Heinz Höddinghaus, general manager of the House of Brands GmbH, under which brand umbrella Arqueonautas is operated.

Stücki Basel
Store 046
Hochberger Straße 70
CH-4057 Basel