Fashion label Arqueonautas has launched its first shoe line. The models for the fall/winter season 2013/14 are already available at the brand’s own stores, partner stores, the Arqueonautas online shop and at selected shoe retailers.

Meanwhile, the collection for summer 2014 is ready for ordering with 15 shoe models for women and nine for men. Retail prices range from €64.90 - €99 and full leather models cost between €89 and €159. They will be delivered in February/March 2014.
“A fashion brand which is so influenced by the outdoor feeling and the spirit of the elements needs a comprehensive shoe collection,” said Peter Konietzko, division brand manager, Arqueonautas.
The shoe collections feature similar designs, materials and colours to the respective apparel lines. Generally, the shoes sport a maritime look with features such as cords, engraved coordinates and compass images. High quality leather, waterproof sealed seams and vulcanized soles take care of the outdoor requirements.
Arqeueonautas’ shoes are distributed by the MCB GmbH Werne, as well as by the brand’s showrooms in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf.