The maritime-inspired casualwear brand Arqueonautas is continuing its internationalization, supported by good revenues and steady growth. Whereas the label was traded in five countries one year ago, it is now commercialized in twelve. Arqueonautas’s expansion strategy is focused on Eastern Europe, where the brand has been represented in multilabel stores in Russia, Slovakia and Hungary until now. As for the first half of 2014, Arqueonautas plans to open two monobrand shops in Slovakia. Additionally, the brand is planning to launch an own store in Switzerland in 2014 and two more in Hungary during 2015.

Thomas Vogel, senior manager international sales at House of Brands GmbH, parent company of Arqueonautas: “As an international fashion brand, we see big growth potential in the East-European markets. Therefore, they will play a central role in our international activities in the first step."

Concerning the distribution, the Arqueonautas brand will be supervised by an agency in Hungary, Belgium and France, a model that will also be implemented to further distribution markets. In the medium run, the label aims to build up a coherent sales space in Europe, with Eastern Europe as its core area.

Arqueonautas and the jeans label H.I.S belong to the House of Brands company, a 100% subsidiary of the Hamburg-based Otto Group.