Arav Group, the company of the women’s brands Silvian Heach and SH, has ambitious goals. By 2020, they want to reach €113 million sales (about €77 million in 2014) and grow their export rate from the present 26% of their total turnover to 35%.

In order to reach their targets they want to reposition both their brands as well as operate through a distinct retail strategy for each of them. While Silvian Heach is now aimed at medium-to-high female consumers thanks to its redesigned, more refined and contemporary collection, SH is aimed at 18-25 year-old customers who are looking for trendy products at a great value-for-money price points.

Silvian Heach is now distributed in 40 countries through 21 flagship stores and 1,100 multi-brand stores. By 2020 they plan to open 19 stores between major Italian and international cities, reaching a total of 40 flagship stores. The first important opening is scheduled in Milan in the central Via Dante between December 2015 and January 2016, focused on a new store philosophy designed by Fabio Caselli Design Studio and based on harmony, elegance and modernity. The brand will also further expand to China and the Middle East.

SH was launched in s/s 2015 and is now sold in Italy through 33 flagship stores. Over the next five years they plan to add another 48 new SH stores, mainly concentrated in the domestic market aimed to reach a very capillary distribution network of 81 retail outlets. The SH stores, designed by Studio Poiesis, will be characterized by fresh colors and flexible molded panels that are recreating areas, for instance, resembling a young woman’s bedroom, a disco bar and a modern concert space.