From 20 December 2013, Andrew Olah will step down from his leadership role of textile marketing, development and sales agency Olah Inc.’s textile sales division, handing over the reins to Olah Inc.'s President, Michael Morrell.

Michael Morrell has been with Olah Inc. since 2003 and is an expert textile, denim and garment dyer. Before Michael joined Olah in 2003, he was Corporate Manager of Garment Processing at Jones Apparel Group. He served as denim consultant and problem-solver at Swift Denim for 8 years and worked as Plant Manager at Roxboro Dye Co. for 8 years as well. Michael is the sixth generation in his family to work in the textiles and garment-making industry.

While Mr. Olah will no longer be involved in the textile sales area of the company, he will continue to act as Olah Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Olah's day-to-day responsibilities will be focused on the Kingpins Show, which he founded in 2004, and Olah Inc.'s consulting division. As a consultant, Mr. Olah is helping to grow Bayer’s CropScience cottonseed, which is used for the Stoneville Cotton and FiberMax brands, as well as devoting energy to Bayer’s e3 sustainable cotton program - which Mr. Olah believes will eventually be the benchmark for all cotton used in apparel in the USA.

"I am looking forward to focusing my energy on Kingpins, and the possibly of other new shows, as well as working on Bayer’s amazing cotton programs,” Mr. Olah said. “I am confident that I am leaving the textile division in extremely capable hands, allowing me to focus on new ideas for Olah Inc.'s future. Michael loves the industry and has worked with textiles and dyeing since he was a child. I am excited to see the successes the textile division will enjoy under his leadership.  He represents the third generation of leadership in the company.”

Mr. Morrell, who is also a partner of Olah Inc., is excited for this new challenge. “We’ve been planning this shift for some time and I am happy for the opportunity to evolve our textile sales division and continue to help our mill partners develop the best textiles possible,” Mr. Morrell said.

Olah Inc., which will celebrate its 55th year in 2014, began selling textiles in 1959. Mr. Olah started working part-time at the company in 1973 before taking over the running of the company in 1976. Over the past 37 years he has enjoyed many long, happy and profound relationships with suppliers in Italy, Portugal, Japan, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong.