In September 2014, Amazon registered a patent application for a new kind of retail establishment, which serves the idea of a convenience store. This system would allow customers to pick up products, which have been ordered online, without paying at a cash point.

Potential stores could work with a system of cameras and infrared sensors for identifying customers and the products they want to buy. With the support of an electronic message system, customers could exit the store and would receive a report about the items they´ve purchased. The patent application also includes options for renting and borrowing products.

This vision of retail technology would be a benefit for Amazon, concerning costs, in the competition with traditional retailers. For customers it could be a loss with regard to privacy, because the application describes the detailed use of cameras to identify customers, items and their movements inside the store. Until now, it is open how Amazon will handle this identification. The registered patent does not mean that the idea will be realized in near future.