Amazon plans to create its own fashion brands in India, according to an article by The Times of India, who names two people familiar with the company as sources. As they reported, Amazon India is currently forming a team to make the realization of the project happen.

Another indication that Amazon is planning something for the Indian market is the fact that a few months ago, Amazon’s US headquarters placed an advertisement for the job of a category head for private brands, based in Bengaluru, on social media site LinkedIn.

The advantage of creating private brands is that they give higher margins to retailers and this way they can price them lower than national brands, since they spend less on the promotion of these brands.

Amazon has already moved into the sector of private brands in the US with their towel and bed-sheets brand Pinzon, as well as with Amazon Basics, their brand for electronic supplies, such as batteries and USB cords.

Upon request, Amazon would not take a stance on the rumors.