Time flies–and not just in fighter planes. Outerwear brand Alpha Industries celebrated the 50th anniversary of its iconic M-65 Field Coat with a two-day celebration in its hometown of Washington, D.C. last week which culminated with a party and fashion show of current Alpha offerings at the Newseum on Wednesday night.
The brand, which was founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee, was tapped by the US Department of Defense to create the jacket in 1965, which became acclaimed by servicemen for its functionality and was later adopted by civilians as a streetwear staple.

To mark the 50th milestone, Alpha worked with its Japanese division and its designers from Hideout Co. Ltd in Tokyo to create an anniversary model and liner that is now available at retail. In addition, it has paired with accessories company Manhattan Portage to make a M-65-inspired rucksack and messenger bag.
An assortment of authentic Vietnam War-era relics from an infantry manual to a Zippo lighter accompanied the jackets’ display at the museum and guests included representatives from Alpha’s Japanese and European branches. The latter is based in Frankfurt.