Founded in October 2010 Kenton Magazine is an online editorial publication for fashion, beauty and travel with local coverage in Toronto, New York, Vancouver and London.  In Old English “Kenton” means "From the king’s town," "Regal" and "Bold." Our Latin American correspondent recently spoke with site founder Alexander Liang to delve into his experience of building an editorial source for today's fashion consumer. Interview by Rudy Gonzales

Please discuss Kenton Magazine's mission.  How did the site come about?
The site began as a bridge between the super avant-garde and overly commercial publications available today. Our mission is to provide an industry insider’s perspective on fashion to our readers in a relatable and personal way.

When exactly did it launch and what has the initial reaction been?
Kenton Magazine launched in October 2010. The initial reaction was definitely positive, I believe as a result of our clear voice and brand.

What editorial offerings can we look forward to in the coming year?
We will be continuing to raise the bar for our photo editorials and will also be making some changes to the site to improve user experience.

How many readers does the site currently have and how many are you looking to have in the long run?
We receive close to a million visitors to the site each month, but that’s still far from our ultimate goal. We’d love to welcome everyone around the world!

What have been the biggest challenges of running the site thus far? And the greatest joys?
It’s definitely challenging to maintain momentum, but that’s also part of what makes running the site so much fun. The greatest joys come from the smallest compliments from our loyal readers. And also the opportunities that we have been afforded through the site, like meeting some of the most incredibly inspiring individuals in the industry.

What are the short-term and long-term plans for the site overall? Are you looking to add more genres to the mix?
We’re currently expanding our beauty section but also narrowing our focus on luxury and runway fashion.

The site showcases many products for both men and women. How do you find these items?
We work with many fantastic PR agencies who constantly send us great products for consideration. We also try to stay on the pulse with what’s trending on the street level and what we think our readers would love.

What do Kenton editors look for when featuring product?
We look for quality products and strong design that excites us. We also look for products and brands that have a great story behind them.

How often is new editorial content featured?
We publish content daily, but the mix of lifestyle and product features varies. New fashion photo editorials are published every two weeks on average.

How do you stay in touch with your members?
Email, WhatsApp, iMessage, Google+ hangouts and personally, I travel between Toronto, New York, Vancouver and London—all of the cities that our editors are located in.

What is your personal favorite aspect of the site?
My favorite aspect of the site is that it’s clean and organized. I love that we can give our readers the information they’re looking for, without crowding their screen space.