Italy’s Gruppo Capri, the apparel specialist and owner of the brands Alcott and Gutteridge, is getting ready to celebrate its 25th anniversary in September 2014, while inaugurating a series of stores as part of their international expansion and growth strategy.

On 17 April, it inaugurated two new image stores, which are characterized by a new concept and image, in Marghera and Monza, both in Northern Italy.
The new stores host the Alcott and Alcott Los Angeles brands on a new retail space that expresses these brand’s dynamic spirit and constant evolution at best. The Marghera store has opened inside the Nave de Vero shopping mall and is characterized by neutral hues such as white and yellow in a pure vintage style, mixed with bright color accessories and design objects such as an Apecar, a curious rickshaw car.

The new Monza store in Largo Mazzini, presents its men’s and women’s collections in a store inspired by 1970s California, designed with the aim to involve customers in a unique shopping experience.

For autumn 2014, it will also inaugurate its new Alcott headquarters and a flagship store in Milan. The shop and the headquarters will occupy 1.500 sqm on four floors altogether of a whole palace on Via Torino, a key shopping location for Milan’s young apparel.

Gruppo Capri registered €155 million sales in 2013, 35% more than in 2012 and is expected to reach €200 million revenue by end of 2014. The group is also considering the possibility to go public in the future.