“Avril X Lotto" is a new apparel, footwear and accessory collection for men and women designed by Avril Lavigne, and exclusively devised for the Chinese market.

The Canadian pop rock star and Italian active and sportswear brand Lotto have signed a two-year agreement with the aim to target Far East markets' fast evolving spirit consumers. The new collection was launched last April for s/s 2011 within the Asian tour of the artist. It started in China with two concerts in Beijing at the end of April and Shanghai at the beginning of May.

The 100-piece collection was designed according to creative inputs by Avril Lavigne and is characterized by graphic symbols such as a skull whose eyes are the brand's Lotto rhombus logo with a small heart.

Lotto is sold via over 260 stores in the performance and leisure segments in China and since 2008 with the support of Li Ning Company, a leading sports brand company in China.