A new German brand entered the market with box-shaped or alloy-framed business bags: Munich-based label auf blank had its debut in January of this year at Premium Exhibitions in Berlin. According to Brand Manager, Udo Busshoff, auf blank stands for design standards, quality and functionality. The collection right now consists of three bag types called box.bag, frame.bag and tote.L.bag. In the future, there are more styles to follow.

The focus lies on the box.bag, a shoulder bag created for business people. It offers a volume of ten liters as well as enough space for a laptop, cell phone as well as ring binders or agendas. As its name anticipates, the box-like bag is solid due to overall padding, and its lid opens to the front. The idea behind auf blank is to provide a blank canvas for different artists, called godfathers, who give the bags their individual style note. These artists will change every trimester. After godfathers Paulo Arraiano aka YUP, Dominic Wilcox and Dean Snyder, there will be new artists designing the label’s bags, including Patrick Hartl, Paric Sandri and Jean Julien. Wholesale prices range between €105-122.