California-based trade show ASR (Action Sports Retailer) has pulled the plug on its two-year-old European edition.

Saying in a press release on Wednesday "it is not feasible at this time to unite the [European] marketplace and hold an effective industry showcase for the Action Sports Market in Europe," ASR, a division of VNU Expositions, announced that it won’t hold a European edition in 2005. The statement added, "While ASR Europe is not continuing on its original path, ASR has increased their knowledge of the European action sports marketplace and will apply that knowledge to better service European customers as they make the trip to the US shows."

Kevin Flanagan, ASR’s show director, said producing the show was just not feasible. "The divided timing and geographical needs of the European market left ASR’s mission of creating a unified summer show out of reach. While ASR strove to provide an exciting window to the industry, we were unable to find a compromise on either a date or a location."

The company cited the European summer holiday as a major scheduling obstacle and added the event’s Basque Coast location in its previous two editions drew in surf-based companies but not enough skate and urban brands.

However, ASR also left open the possibility that another European try might still be in the cards one day: "ASR’s investment and accumulated European knowledge leaves the door open to future Europe-based ASR shows. They are considering future possibilities and will keep everyone posted on their progress," the statement said.