For F/W 2013/2014, AT.P.CO, the sportswear brand born in 2010 and owned by the Golden Season Srl company based near Brescia, is launching Hotel Cortina, a new men's capsule collection.

The new product package is made up of about 25 items, mostly colourful down jackets inspired by the skiing resort atmosphere of the 1980’s and redesigned according to modern silhouettes and fits, lively patch applications, thermo-sealings and high-tech protective materials. It also includes corduroy trousers, mostly chinos, characterised by colourful details such as a red string similar to those used for hiking boots, which can also be used as a bracelet. Bright colours such as electric blue, red and bright green are the highlights characterising this new collection.

"The launch of Hotel Cortina is meant for increasing our visibility and presence in foreign markets and through upmarket stores," commented Angelo Loffredo, sales manager, Golden Season. Right now only 20% of the brand's revenues come from foreign markets. The brand expects to reach about 35% by 2013. "Also part of our new strategy is starting offering a more complete total look also for women. Until now AT.P.CO has been mostly identified as a menswear brand, though, from S/S 2014 our woman's line will offer a very feminine 80-item collection totally redesigned in fits and image."

AT.P.CO is sold to 540 stores worldwide at wholesale prices such as €33-€36 for trousers, €49-€89 for outer jackets and €59-€84 for jackets with the possibility for stores to gain 3.5 mark-up margins. The brand has closed 2012 with €15.5 million sales worldwide and expects to reach about €17 million by end 2013.