Milan’s Triennale will open its doors to “Anni settanta” tomorrow, an exhibition which focuses on art, fashion, pop-culture and lifestyle of the 1970s.

A special section is dedicated to Elio Fioruccio: "Fiorucci Land", exploring the story of the brand, its graphics, the sexy-cut jeans and colors inspired by London’s Carnaby Street. Fiorucci adopted the British city’s street-style into his own designs with bright colors, mini skirts and the Biba look to the brands two stores in Milan (piazza San Babila: 1967, via Torino: 1974) and the one in New York (1976).

The exhibition also presents video-installations with Vivienne Westwood, Oliviero Toscani, and legendary models Donna Jordan and Pat Cleveland as well as performances from Andy Warhol.

Annisettanta. Il decennio lungo del secolo breve, Triennale di Milano, 27th Oct. - 30 March.