Austrian outdoor specialist Allsport has announced a new extensive sportswear line for the winter 2012/13 season which will launch in August 2012. This collection will complete Allsport's sports-oriented product line and is an attempt to expand its collections and meet retail demands.

“Retail in the sports and outdoor industries depends largely on the weather. Particularly at the start of the season, retailers need reliable and marketable collections that will bring in revenues even In warmer winters,” said Kathrin Ludescher, CEO of Allsport. “Our partnership with the specialized sports trade is one of our most important pillars. We work hard on that relationship, which is reflected in the increasing number of regular customers.”

Retails prices for the collection start at €89 for tops and €159 for leggings.

The collection will be produced in Europe, the majority within family businesses emphasizing Allsport’s commitment to acting local and implementing sustainable value chains.