Los Angeles-based premium denim label Agave is on a mission to save the Grizzly bear. The company recently joined forces with the Sierra Club in an effort to save the animal from extinction in the lower 48 states. Branded "a Jake Agave Conservation Project", Agave is offering a special T-shirt featuring the animal along with the slogan "This land is my land" for spring '05, which is scheduled to hit stores at the end of January. Ten percent of all sales from the shirts will be donated to the Sierra Club Grizzly Project. The T-shirt will retail for around $34.

This is a first for Agave, however, according to founder Jeff Shafer, the first of many. "Our brand is guided by the values of courage, compassion and conservation and we plan to incorporate these into ever y aspect of our company," said Shafer in a statement. "Whenever we can give back on causes or issue we feel strongly about, we will make it a part of our programs." The conservation effort was prompted after the company learned of the government's plan to remove the Grizzly from the endangered species list.

For more information on saving the Grizzles, visit www.sierraclub.org/grizzzly.

Joselle Yokogawa, Features Editor