Creative ambassadors for Adidas Originals: The White Stage Project have brought the initiative to nine cities around the globe, commemorating the event by providing a white space in each town. The white rooms serve as a canvas across which creative females can express themselves. A jury selected the best results, which included Cornelia Bölke who represented Germany. The 24-year-old fashion design student amazed the judges with her originality and creativity; her concept, ‘Store of Modern Arts,’ is a statement encouraging the combination of arts and commercial design. Her work can can be seen at Münzstrasse 13 in Berlin, serving as a contemporary gallery that was inaugurated on April 26. Nine other Berlin artists exhibited their pieces there as well, with doors open to the public until May 7. 

In addition, Adidas Originals invited customers and select personalities from the fashion and media industries to view their collection highlights at the Munich showroom on April 27.