Adidas Originals has enlarged its program with a new blue label collection: Originals A.039. The label will be an integral part of the overall Adidas Originals line, but is differentiated by its “A.039” branding, which is the internal code for the Originals blue color. Built to offer an outfit-driven concept, the Originals A.039 blue label collection presents entire looks for men and women. Led by apparel and completed by footwear, it reflects the incomparable values of originality, quality and authenticity that the Trefoil brand stands for.

Hermann Deininger, Chief Marketing Officer Adidas Sport Style Division, said: "Originals A.039 really shows how far Originals has come since we started as a niche project in 2001. The new line consists of premium quality products and new silhouettes that bring to life innovative design.”

The Originals A.039 collection will go on sale as of January 2010 at Adidas Originals stores and with selected partners from Adidas’ fashion distribution network. Its first quarter offer is characterized by subtle colors, sophisticated looks and clean lines.

—Melanie Gropler