UK streetwear brand Addict has come up with the latest delivery of their Guest Artist Series by launching the Star Wars Icon Series featuring Mitchy Bwoy and Shogun Graphic Systems. The t-shirt range for fall/winter 2012 pays tribute to some of Star War’s most famous faces and icons from the original trilogy including Boba Fett, Tusken Raider, C3P0 & R2D2, Storm Troopers and Tie Pilot.
Fan favourites are given a unique and highly detailed hand drawn vector style by the talented artists. Mixing a strong blend of colour and ink and paint effects, the collection is a worthy homage to the legendary film series.
Mitchy Bwoy is one of the UK’s finest illustrators and has an apt hand at bringing street culture to life.Shogun Graphic Systems specialise in visionary, concept driven digital work and strive to deliver incredible reality based aesthetics.
The Star Wars Icon Series is now available from Addict's webshop and prices start from £25.