On February 1, Acne Studios opened its second store in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

It is an exploration of ruby hues. Maze like fixturings are covered in all shades of red layered with differing textures. Warm red flocked velvet juxtaposes red carpet, terazzo, and the red neon rooftop. The store frontage channels the experience of a Copenhagen peep show with it’s windows blocked out to only reveal shoppers at head height.

Jonny Johansson who established the Swedish brand in 1997 said: “When I think of Copenhagen, as a Swede it is all about drugs, sex and naughtiness – dirty, subversive, loose, and fancy free. My first memory of Copenhagen was of it’s red light district – Sweden doesn’t have a red light district so that has always stuck with me. So this store is red red red red and a little dirty.”