After a long period of renovation and some months later than scheduled, Swedish brand Acne opened its second store in Paris yesterday evening. The inauguration was accompanied by a big event with models, actors and fashion people attending.

The new Acne concept store is located on Rue Froissart, in the middle of the upcoming shopping area of Haut Marais, only some meters from the famous Merci store and in front of the kidswear shopping paradise Bonton. The shop of 160sqm was personally designed and curated by Acne founder and Creative Director, Jonny Johansson, and combines raw industrial elements with clean Scandinavian influences. The ambiance of the former garage was kept, but transformed into a contemporary space with natural-colored carpets in contrast to rough industrial walls and flexiglass and aluminium partitions. The interior is flocked in bold colors, creating spaces which have a hard shell but are soft on the inside. The ceilings are dark blood red, punctuated by LED lighting.

Surely the most surprising element of this new store is that there are no shop windows at all, and there is only a tiny entrance, which is easily to miss when passing by. By opening this new store, Acne follows its strategy in Paris to open ‘hidden stores’ (the first one is at Palais Royal), which are becoming known by word-of-mouth recommendation.