Swedish brand Acne has launched the ‘Acne White / Art T-Shirt Project’, a non-profit project set up to support emerging artists, in collaboration with Aileen Corkery and Laura Burlington. Four artists will be commissioned to interpret the Acne white t-shirt, creating limited edition t-shirt designs available at galleries, Acne studios worldwide as well as the Acne online shop for €170. The proceeds from the sale of the t-shirt will go to a fund to support emerging artists in the publishing of their first monograph – a critical study of their work. The two-year project was launched with a t-shirt designed by London-based artist Stefan Brüggeman in mid-November.

Stefan Brüggeman: “When I was asked to do a t-shirt for Acne, I used the t-shirt not as a two-dimensional surface where you insert an image or illustration, but instead as a three-dimensional entity that has an inside, an outside, a front and a back. I played with the concept of ‘reversed inverted’ and used two prints: the text piece “SOMETIMES I THINK SOMETIMES I DON’T” and a silver brushstroke. The t-shirt was printed on the inside and outside so that the prints can be seen through the cloth. I created a t-shirt that can be worn on any side so there is no right or wrong way to wear it.”

Applications for the Acne White / Art T-Shirt Project grants are available for download at www.acnestudios.com.