On February 12th 2013 in the Mezzanine of Hall in Paris, Première Vision will be hosting a conference focused on the new challenges raised by eco-responsibility within the fashion industry. As its starting point the conference will take the questions and issues raised in the book The Beautiful and the Good; A view from Italy on sustainable fashion.

Alongside the economist and professor of design Marco Ricchetti, who co-authored the book, and Alberto Scaccioni, manager of the Centre for Italian Fashion in Florence, experts and industry professionals will be joining the conference as well such as Peter Ackroyd (International Wool Secretariat), Fabrizio Conconi (Eurojersey General Manager) and Philippe Pasquet (Première Vision CEO). The debate will be moderated by Sophie Bramel.

The Beautiful and the Good is a publication for professionals and students of fashion design schools, and is published by Centro die Firenze per la Moda Italian and Marsilio Editori. It provides a look at the latest developments in terms of sustainability and fashion through the lens of the Italian textile industry.