The French jeanswear specialist Le Temps des Cerises and Japan Rags have decided to launch new collections for children older than six. The lines are named Little Cerise and L*Rags. Both collections, which launch in the new winter season, will offer a casual, nonchalant look.

The girl’s collection Little Cerise wants to break with the typical Lolita style attributed for young girls of this age. The result is a mature bohemian look with stone-washed jeans in slim and flare styles, mini-skirts and shorts. A T-shirt-line with long sleeves and prints, lacquered down jackets and skirts with checks complete the jeanswear. For the boy’s collection L*Rags, the brand proposes jeans, leathers and T-shirts in vintage and authentic styles, and, for more well-behaved boys, cardigans and V-neck pullovers.

Overall, the collection consists of 200 pieces, with wholesale prices starting from €75 for jeans.

—Barbara Markert