Rapper, actor and now, footwear designer? Snoop Dogg is the latest of many recording artists (Eve, Gwen Stefani, J.Lo, Beyonce, Lil' Kim, to name a few) to add designer to his credits. Snoop partnered with Pony International, owned by Santa Barbara-based GBMI (Global Brand Marketing Inc.), to produce and develop his own line of footwear aptly named Doggy Biscuitz ('biscuits' is what Snoop himself calls shoes).

The inaugural Doggy Biscuitz collection is slated to hit stores in March, however 5000 pairs of the lines signature black canvas shoe "Snoopadoopa" were released back in December.

The Doggy Biscuitz line will fuse Snoop's signature west coast flavor with Pony's classic design and address categories to match the recording artist's different talents and interests. Styles include "Snoopadoopa" for active and everyday wear, "Snoopafly" for athletics and/or basketball, "Snoopalicious," a casual style for business or dressier occasions and "Snoopaslide," a bandana print slipper for lounging around the house. The shoes even come complete with Snoopified shoe box that features a pop out perforated silhouette of Snoop and sock liner, outsole and tissue paper in a bandana print.

Wholsale prices start around $24.50 – 26.50 for Snoopadoopa styles while exclusives will run a bit higher. For more info on Doggy Biscuitz, visit GBMI’s website: www.GBMI.net

Joselle Yokogawa, Features Editor