Launched in May 2009, is a virtual styling studio that invites fashion mavens to post their styling ideas with hundreds of fashion collections at their disposal. What sets this Swedish invention apart from similar ventures, such as Polyvore and Stardoll, is its high-tech formulation and image bank of real models, settings and outfits – a catalog of features put in place to yield results as close to a real photo shoot as possible. Once an outfit is completed, it’s posted in a personal file, where it can be remixed, commented upon or ranked by other users.

Apart from providing lighthearted, fashion-forward fun, Looklet offers other possibilities, too. Though not a shopping site per se, many of the featured collections are current season stock; thus the site doubles as a practical tool to determine whether, say, Acne’s latest jeans really go with that printed blouse from Manoush.

Significantly, Looklet also has the potential to grow into a promotional springboard for brands and retailers, something that will come particularly benefit young labels looking for free exposure. On the advertising side, the commercial aspect of Looklet is undeniable and a number of companies have already expressed interest in utilizing the site within their own online shops and websites.

Looklet’s Robert Ahlborg, however, stresses that the site was never conceived as a moneymaking machine: “Looklet might provide some commercial opportunities down the line, but the creative aspect of the site is what drives us. There’s nothing like it out there and since the site is entirely user-generated, anything can happen.”

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—Emma Holmqvist