Keeping in line with its tradition of supporting cutting-edge artists, 55DSL has agreed to be the main sponsor of Cut & Paste’s Digital Design Tournament 2D Competition. The annual live competition will take place in 16 select cities across the globe through June 2009 and invites designers from all genres and countries to participate. The tournament strives to cull a global community of designers through a design-as-spectator sport approach. Contestants will race against the clock to create a graphic work of art through the use of Photoshop and Illustrator. The winner of the 2D Competition will be invited to design a capsule collection for 55DSL, which will be sold exclusively on “We love graphics and are fascinated by this innovative competition, from its inception to the final result,” says Andrea Rosso, Creative Director of 55DSL. “The instantaneous creative process that Cut & Paste promotes with designers from around the world is something that we find truly amazing.” 55DSL’s presence will be felt and seen in a dedicated contest area with interactive games and competitions, giveaways and other surprises.

Photo via 55DSL blog