We met with Anita Tillmann, founder/owner and CEO of Premium Exhibitions, Berlin, to talk about new technologies, how to give retailers orientation and the activewear sector.
Interview by Sabine Kühnl

The next season is about to come. What kind of mood are the retailers in?
Actually, they are in a really good mood. At least the ones that work really hard and have the will to learn and adapt new things. We face so many big changes in our business that you cannot just remain passive and stand still. Karl Lagerfeld once put it right when he said that inspiration comes while you work and certainly not while sitting on the beach.

What are the main changes retailers face these days?
Of course, it's the whole digital development, but also the competition due to verticalization or new approaches in store design.

How does Premium support retailers to deal with these changes?
Take for example our app: I can only recommend to every visitor to download it and use its check list while visiting our trade shows. We implemented a Brand Match function that navigates you through the show: during registration you characterize your product range and brands you are interested in and via an new developed algorithm the app defines a list of matching brands as well as gives you recommendations for alternatives. At Premium the visitor will then guided through the halls via GPRS on their individual routes. This gives retailers orientation, information and helps to saves them a lot of time.

You are pretty much involved in technology, it seems. Also the Fashiontech conference last January proved this engagement...
Absolutely! Think of 3D, wearables, digitalization... this is the future. We just held the second edtion during the web confrenece republica, the response was amazing. The third  edition of the #fasthionetech conference will take place in July. We will focus social media and marketing topics on the one hand and of course wearable and new techniques on the other hand. We are connecting both worlds and introduce them to each other through presenting relevant content, product and tech trends. It is interesting for the creative scene as well as for all marketing people. Our aim is to generate new business and create new networks. We have positioned ourselves as innovation leaders and what we do is presenting the latest trends - either advanced contemporary brands or the latest #fashiontech trends. Inspiration, emotionalisation and new ways to do business is what we need to offer the industry at our marketplace.

Speaking of the main show: will there be any new segments or areas?
Yes, hall 2 will host a newly created activewear area with a mix of smart textile labels and yoga or loungewear clothes, but also e-health and food products. We cater this segment because it grew over 200% in the last five years, that makes it an important new sector for retailbusiness. 

Foto ©Toni Passig